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Large Campus Geothermal

MEP takes pride in offering a thorough understanding of Large Campus Geothermal systems. Accurately identifying the campus thermal profile is the first and one of most important steps in the design process. It is the foundation of the entire system and helps to guarantee the system will operate as expected without thermally saturating the well field and without increasing first cost due to excessive well field sizing. This is critical in the “right sizing” of the well field and assessing project implementation.


We understands that an array of building conversion approaches will need to be employed due to the various vintage of building systems across the campus. Our design approach has been to utilize as much of the existing building assets, to their greatest potential, as makes sense for each building. Our past experience has shown that building conversions can be very difficult to budget in planning stages of a project because of the many unknowns.


The transition on campuses to geothermal heat pump systems – the fastest-growing geothermal technology – has come quickly. Three critical factors are mainly responsible for this transformation: Over time, geothermal heat pump systems have become a mainstream energy source for building systems; campuses are aggressively exploring options to save energy; and they are seeking new opportunities to reduce or eliminate their use of fossil fuels.


Geothermal systems for individual buildings have been in use for many years. MEP Associates have been involved with over 150 installations. Campus geothermal systems provide the next step in the implementation and development of geothermal systems.